Dental Insurance

4 Reasons Why You Need Orthodontic Dental Insurance

Healthy teeth and gums are essential to the overall health of your entire body, and maintenance through proper orthodontic dental care can help you to achieve optimum oral health. As with anything that is crucial to your bodies’ health, orthodontic dental services don’t come cheap and can run well into the thousands in terms of

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Advances in Oral Surgery

Problems on impacted teeth, tooth loss and third molars are just few from what oral surgery could solve. Oral surgery includes the surgical, diagnosis and related healing of disease of the head, jaw, gums, tissues and teeth. For instance, a problem on wisdom teeth (wisdom teeth appears at the ages of 17 to 25) could

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Sleep Apnea

More than 259 million suffer from sleep apnea

256 million people suffer from Sleep ApneaPeople suffering from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) feel it the most. Overeating and drinking too much add to the sleepy side effects of the holiday season. What happens to the 80 million individuals dangerously living undiagnosed with OSA? It’s a scary thought.

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Dental Braces

How to Properly Brush Your Teeth With Orthodontic Dental Braces

When you first get orthodontic dental braces, it can seem very awkward figuring out how to properly and adequately brush your teeth. Braces act as a barrier between your brush and teeth, which makes it even harder to clean your mouth when it needs it more than ever since braces easily catch pieces of food.

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Dentistry and Health related problems.

Keeping your teeth in good condition is extremely important. Having poor dental hygiene has been linked to cause far more significant health problems for adults. Also, if your teeth are in good shape, you will give off a more pleasant and clean looking smile. For those in the area, New York dentistry service providers could

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Idiopathic Sialadenosis-Salivary Gland Clinic Columbia University

Paul Ganjian DDS., Luis Mandel DDS. Journal of William Jarvie Society enlargement of the salivary glands with no known or determined contributing factors differential diagnosis includes tumors such as Warthin’s tumor,masseteric hypertrophy, Sjorgens syndrome,HIV infection,lymphoma,mumps and sarcoid. P. Ganjian*, L. Mandel (Salivary Gland Clinic, Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center) Idiopathic sialadenosis as the name may suggest

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United States Patent and Trademark Has Approved Next Generation Dental

The Trademark Next Generation Dental has been granted and approved for use. Dr Ganjian at next generation dental of New York had been granted the right of use of the name Next Generation Dental. The Next Generation Dental PC has two websites currently at and Next Generation Dental has two main offices. The

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