Sign of TMJ
dental defect

Symptoms of Bruxism

Symptoms and Causes of Bruxism TMJ
What is Bruxism and TMJ? What this video to learn more about TMJD and symptoms for this dental syndrome. There are still many treatments and options available to treat Bruxism at West Side Orthodontics.

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computer controlled

Digital Dentistry

The digital imaging technology that we use is the best in town by Sirona. We can share your dental and orthodontic records with the help of a click.

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Care for your Braces
Dental Braces

9 effective ways to care for your Braces

Braces are designed to fix or correct dental problems such as misaligned teeth, crooked teeth, or crowding. At the end of your treatment, you will be left with well-aligned teeth, good oral and dental health, a great smile, and high self-esteem. In this article, we are going to look at the 9 best ways you can care for your braces.

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Braces for Kids
Dental Braces

The Best Types of Braces for Kids

Getting the right kind of braces for kids is just as important and as necessary as getting the right kind of toothbrush or glasses for a kid. In this article, I have discussed the various types of braces for kids and pointed out the best ones for your kids.

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Advances in Oral Surgery

Problems on impacted teeth, tooth loss and third molars are just few from what oral surgery could solve. Oral surgery includes the surgical, diagnosis and related healing of disease of the head, jaw, gums, tissues and teeth. For instance, a problem on wisdom teeth (wisdom teeth appears at the ages of 17 to 25) could easily be solved through an oral surgery.

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