Advances in Oral Surgery

Problems on impacted teeth, tooth loss and third molars are just few from what oral surgery could solve. Oral surgery includes the surgical, diagnosis and related healing of disease of the head, jaw, gums, tissues and teeth. For instance, a problem on wisdom teeth (wisdom teeth appears at the ages of 17 to 25) could easily be solved through an oral surgery.

United States Patent and Trademark Approval

The Trademark Next Generation Dental West Side Orthodontics has been granted and approved for use. Dr Paul Ganjian at next generation dental & West Side Orthodontics of New York had been granted the right of use of the name west Side Orthodontics, Next Generation Dental. The West Side Orthodontics PC and associates have the following …

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1000$ Special Discount for Invisalign Clear Orthodontic Dental Braces

Clear Orthodontist is offering a special for Invisalign Dental Braces. Now you can save more than 1000$ off your Invisalign Orthodontic Treatment. For more details visit Clear Orthodontics Website @: westsideorthodontist.com Westside orthodonticsWest Side Orthodontics

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