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Early Orthodontic Treatment

Reinvent Your smile with SureSmile Early Orthodontic Treatment

Your smile triggers the release of endorphins and affects how people perceive you. If you think there’s plenty of room for improvement in how you’re making the first impression because you feel embarrassed by your crooked teeth, come to West Side Orthodontics. With SureSmile braces, get Early Orthodontic Treatment in West Side Orthodontics. You’ll break the ice and start smiling before your treatment is over.

Early Orthodontic Treatment

While wearing conventional braces is a multi-year commitment, any dental situation seems more favorable with SureSmile. Developed with groundbreaking technology, this orthodontic system delivers precise teeth alignment results while reducing wearing time and discomfort.

Patients often opt for SureSmile over Invisalign for severe cases that involve diastema and bite issues. Made from upscale dental plastics materials, SureSmile is comfortable to wear even for complex problems and provides more control over your early orthodontic treatment plan. Your radiant smile won’t be long in coming!

SureSmile near me: Get your precisely made archwires

Robotic accuracy makes SureSmile the top choice for your dream smile. A 3D image of your teeth and jaws allows us to determine the position of nerves and examine your teeth from any angle. With your ‘dental map’ at hand, we can create the most effective treatment plan for SureSmile alignment. They are also ideal for an Early Orthodontic Treatment plan.

SureSmile braces are all about shape-memory alloy archwires custom-made by a robot. The final position of each tooth is determined in advance, so you know what your smile will look like once the braces are off. If you’re good with everything, your orthodontist will guide you further.

With the SureSmile system, you can benefit from:

Better treatment planning to see the results (starting from the first appointments)
More accurate results
Fewer clinic visits
Decreased treatment time
Improved overall dental health
Wouldn’t it be great to whiten your teeth during your orthodontic treatment? You can combine SureSmile with teeth whitening procedures without causing damage to your braces.

Want to make a smile your greatest strength? Come to West Side Orthodontics so that our orthodontists can get the treatment ball rolling and proceed to 3D dental imaging.

The advanced SureSmile system has the edge over metal braces and other orthodontic treatment options as one of the most effective early orthodontic treatment options. It ensures a more comfortable wearing experience than metal braces and combat inaccuracy associated with the manual adjustment of archwires. Plus, you can get back to your oral hygiene routine faster, maintaining the health of your teeth and gums.

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