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Introducing Itero Digital Intra Oral Scanning

Itero Digital Dental Scanning


The future is here. Itero Element digital impressions are a breakthrough technology that is quickly becoming the standard of care. Gone are the days of dealing with gooey impressions. This cutting edge technology replaces the need for messy impressions by scanning your teeth. It’s pretty amazing, as you sit back and relax in our comfortable chairs we are able to capture a three dimensional digital replica of your teeth. We do this by placing a specialized wand into your mouth that captures the needed details. The iTero Element is essentially a high speed camera that takes thousands of pictures a second. This data is then compiled into a precise digital rendering of your teeth. These digital images are more precise and take less time than a conventional dental impression. A 3D model of your mouth appears on our screen within seconds, allowing us to immediately review and explain your orthodontic treatment plan. No more imagining what your future smile will look like, we actually show you!

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