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Lingual Braces

Keep your orthodontic treatment secret with lingual braces

Are you reluctant to start your orthodontic treatment because metal braces look ugly? Whether you’re an image-obsessed teenager or adult, West Side Orthodontics has the right solution for your straight teeth. With lingual orthodontic braces, you don’t have to sacrifice your appearance for better-looking teeth. They allow you to keep your dental work secret while making your smile more fetching than ever.

While old-school braces are attached to the front of the teeth and showcase archwires every time you smile, the lingual alternative is fixed to the internal side of your teeth. Custom-designed, they achieve the highest level of precision and ensure the best alignment of your non-perfect teeth.

You’re never too old to correct your bite and benefit from a smile makeover. Professional lingual braces treatment can help restore your confidence and improve oral health at any age while letting you show off your upgraded smile even when your braces are still on. Mild crowding, gaps, and impacted teeth will no longer make you feel uptight!

Lingual Braces clear braces

Lingual braces orthodontists near me: A high-tech solution to the old problem

Braces made for lingual treatment allow for supreme control that an orthodontist gets over the movement of your teeth. And you don’t have to compromise a terrific result for the invisible orthodontic treatment.

Once you and our orthodontists decide that type of braces are a good fit for you, we’ll take digital X-rays to determine the best positioning of your teeth. A 3D scan will then be sent to a lab to create custom wires for your braces for lingual treatment.

Your full-fledged lingual orthodontic treatment begins once we put your custom-designed braces and wires on the back of your teeth with special dental glue. Our orthodontists will keep an eye on your progress throughout the treatment process and may make some adjustments to gain the best result. When this stage of your treatment is over, you’ll get a custom retainer to ensure your grand-looking smile will last a lifetime.

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A beautiful smile is a big draw. But if the smile you’re wearing right now falls short of your dream one, come to West Side Orthodontics for lingual orthodontic treatment to meet all your dental needs.

Invisibility isn’t the only advantage you can expect when wearing braces mounted on the back of your teeth. Even though you may feel more comfortable knowing that people won’t see your braces unless you show them intentionally, you can also enjoy:

  • Less pain and discomfort during the first months of treatment
  • Maximized comfort and efficiency
  • Confidence-boosting results
  • Less damage to your teeth than with metal braces

As a customer-facing specialist, you may feel awkward wearing conventional braces. With the lingual option, you can correct your bite and tooth-related problems while looking friendly to whoever you’re interacting with. If you have any questions or want to check out whether lingual orthodontic braces are what you’re looking for, it’s time to schedule an appointment.

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