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Orthodontic Emergencies and Issues That Require Immediate Care

As scary as ‘emergencies’ may sound, the orthodontic-related ones are usually less concerning than most dental issues that need to be addressed right away. Sometimes, emergency dentists and orthodontists have to deal with injuries that result in displaced teeth, and such cases do require immediate treatment. But if a wire or bracket comes loose, or you experience some discomfort when your braces are set in place, you can call your orthodontist to discuss a temporary fix that can save you an extra trip to the office.

When you get braces or other corrective devices, you are usually instructed about the basic do’s and don’ts, including issues that are common rather than urgent. If you haven’t been informed about the latter, you may find yourself searching for ‘emergency orthodontists near me’ quite often or googling up how you can temporarily resolve the problem.

Some minor issues can be fixed at home and are not an indication that your corrective device has to be adjusted as soon as possible. This is good news if you are traveling or are so pressed for time that an emergency orthodontist appointment is not an option. But still, you’d better talk to an expert before considering yourself expert enough to fix your dental issue on your own.

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When finding urgent Orthodontic Emergencies Care near me is a must?

Though braces are far from fragile, there is a chance they may break. If you have accidentally broken a bracket, and it is dislodged or displaced, affecting your ability to open or close your mouth, eat, or speak, it must be replaced or adjusted right away.

If any orthodontic device makes it hard for you to breathe, you also need emergency orthodontic care. Swelling, sharp or continuous pain that won’t subside with painkillers and seems to be related to your braces are also reasons to make it to the orthodontist’s office. We handle orthodontic emergencies quickly at West Side Orthodontics and have years of expertise providing relief from discomfort in cases like yours.

A broken retainer is another reason to schedule a visit as soon as possible, as going without it can cause your teeth to shift or relapse into an incorrect position. This may compromise your orthodontic treatment, which is what you don’t want to happen.

No worries and anxiety – We’re here to help when you need us most

If you are unsure whether your issue is urgent or if the ‘orthodontist emergency near me’ office is open on Saturdays, call us to get a consultation and your issues addressed promptly.

West Side Orthodontics experts have helped many patients in such situations by adjusting their appliances or orthodontic treatment if this could be a better solution. Everyone’s bite is different, just like their experiences with orthodontic appliances. So, if your braces are causing significant discomfort, or the wires keep poking the inside of your mouth, we may advise you on a different corrective device such as Invisalign or SureSmile.

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