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Orthodontic Treatments

Comprehensive orthodontic treatments for what takes away from the beauty of your smile

There are plenty of reasons why patients with poor teeth or jaw alignment have emotional, psychological, or functional concerns. Orthodontic treatments for adults or kids is not just about the look, which is often viewed as a nice bonus. But for many patients, it is still a major reward and their biggest treatment goal.

Orthodontic Treatments; More Healthy

Some mention specific kinds of dental discomfort they’d like to get rid of, while others may have no idea what they’ve been missing until they experience an improvement. However, there’s no denying that realigning your bite and enhancing the functionality, appearance, and overall health of your teeth with orthodontic treatments can be a life-changing decision with even more benefits than expected. These treatments can improve your speech, sense of smell and taste, sleep quality, mood, productivity, and self-esteem.

Orthodontic treatments

If left untreated, misaligned teeth can cause headaches, pain when chewing, and a number of dental issues like:

  • Extensive tooth wear and decay
  • Chronic and jaw joint pain
  • Infections as crooked teeth are hard to clean
  • Weakened gum tissue and other periodontal problems
  • Severe malocclusions that may require surgery

The best dental team and orthodontic treatments near me: West Side Orthodontics

There’s hardly anything as reassuring as knowing the clinic of your choice specializes in advanced orthodontic solutions to treat your particular issue in the most effective and comfortable way. The latest technology lets us get results remarkably faster, as compared to just wearing braces. This is one of affordable orthodontic treatments, cost-effective at least, in the opinion of most patients. But given the timeframe to fixing orthodontic issues with braces alone, you may view cost-effectiveness differently, as our experts explain the advantages of more innovative solutions.

Orthodontic Treatments As Investments

There’s a variety of special fixed and removable corrective devices and materials these are made with. A particular patient’s condition and choice of appliances define the orthodontic treatment price, but the options offering improved effectiveness and comfort are worthy investments. That’s why we encourage you to schedule an appointment to discuss their benefits.

West Side Orthodontics is where technology meets expertise for ultimate results

Accurate diagnostic procedures are of utmost importance for choosing the right treatment, as many orthodontic conditions require more than just corrective devices. For instance, wisdom teeth can cause pain, misalignment, crowding, and other dental issues because there’s not enough room for them. That’s why wisdom teeth removal before getting braces may be an essential step toward moving your teeth into alignment.

Surgery As Solution

If your jaws don’t close, disrupting the proportions and symmetry of your face or causing mouth breathing and sleep apnea, corrective surgery is the dental orthodontic treatment that will work best. It can improve mastication, breathing, facial structure, and appearance, getting your jaws into a balanced position.

Your journey to feeling great improvement starts at West Side Orthodontics. With qualified guides to make your orthodontic treatment safe and comfortable, we make your dental health our priority. Let us prove it to you during your complimentary consultation.

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