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Privacy Statement for Consumer Health Data

This Consumer Health Data Privacy Policy is an addition to our standard Privacy Policy, and it only applies to residents of Washington and Nevada (collectively referred to as “consumers” below). This Consumer Health Data Privacy Policy shall take precedence over our general privacy policy in the event of any discrepancies between the two. This Consumer Health Data Privacy Policy does not apply to you if you are not a resident of Nevada or Washington, and you should not rely on it.
In connection with the Company’s owned and operated websites or digital properties that link to this Consumer Health Data Privacy Policy and our related email, phone, and other electronic communications, and marketing activities (collectively, the “Site”), as well as the rights and choices available to consumers with respect to their consumer health data, this Consumer Health Data Privacy Policy explains how ClearChoice Management Services, LLC and our subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively, the “Company”, “we”, “us”, or “our”) may collect, use, and disclose personal information that is considered “consumer health data” under applicable state law.
“Consumer health data” is defined as “personal information that is linked or reasonably linkable to a consumer and that identifies the consumer’s past, present, or future physical or mental health status” under the applicable privacy laws of Washington and Nevada. Protected health information that you might give the company in conjunction with the company’s provision of dental or medical services is not included in consumer health data. Please read any Notice of Privacy Practices you have received for more details about our privacy policies pertaining to those activities. The Notice of Privacy Practices will take precedence over this Consumer Health Data Privacy Policy in the event of any discrepancies (to the extent permitted by law).
In order to set up a desired consultation appointment, we obtain the following types of consumer health data directly from consumers via our Site (more precisely, our website or call center):
• Individual health status or diseases, such as periodontal disease and dental disorders (e.g., missing teeth).
• Health-related surgeries or medical interventions, such as dental history or treatments (e.g., previous implants and dentures)
• In addition to the information already mentioned, information that uniquely identifies a patient seeking medical attention, such as answers to questions about what kind of confidence boost or accident or injury repair you expect to achieve with dental implants.
In order to respond to your request for an appointment, to learn more about your dental history and potential interest in dental implants, to personalize content that might be of interest to you, and to enlighten you about our goods and services, we use the consumer health data that was previously identified. For quality control and training purposes, we and our service provider may record or monitor calls made by customers who use our call center to make appointment times. The above-mentioned consumer health data may also be used for internal reporting and analysis.
3. REVEALING CONSUMER HEALTH INFORMATIONIf it becomes necessary to deliver the requested scheduling services, we may share consumer health data to the following organizations or individuals:
• Connected Businesses. For internal reporting and analysis purposes, we may share consumer health data with companies that are affiliated with us, specifically The Aspen Group (Team TAG Services, LLC) and Aspen Dental (Aspen Dental Management, Inc.), that is, that control, are controlled by, or are under common control with us and are co-branded.
• Companies that offer services. In order to provide our consultation scheduling services, we may share consumer health information to third parties, including our website host and database management company.
• Dental and medical practices that are affiliated. We share your contact details and the time and date of your consultation session with the ClearChoice Dental Implant Center of your choice.
• Parties to business transactions.We may disclose your personal information, including consumer health data, to third parties as part of a transaction if we sell all or part of our business, make a sale or transfer of assets, or engage in any other corporate divestiture, merger, consolidation, acquisition, reorganization, dissolution, sale, or other disposition of all or any portion of the business or assets of, or equity interests in, the business (including any affiliate), whether as a result of bankruptcy, liquidation, or a similar proceeding. 
When you use our webform to book a consultation, we do not allow third parties to gather your consumer health data over time and across many websites or online services.
4. RIGHTS ABOUT CONSUMER HEALTH INFORMATIONResidents of Nevada and Washington may be entitled to the following rights with regard to their consumer health data. By clicking this link, you may access our webform where you can submit these requests: Your Options Regarding Privacy. Note that these are not absolute rights, and there are situations in which we might not be able to fulfill your request, such as when a legitimate exemption applies or we are unable to confirm your identity.
• Availability. Ask that we verify whether we are gathering, disclosing, or selling your personal health information and that you have access to it.
• Sales or shares by third parties.If relevant, request that we send you a list of all the affiliates and other parties with whom we have sold or shared your consumer health data.
• Remove. Ask that your consumer health information be deleted. 
If we are collecting or sharing your consumer health information because we depend on your consent, you have the right, to the extent permitted by law, to withdraw your consent at any time to our collecting and sharing of that information (i.e., to ask that we stop collecting, sharing, or selling it), as detailed in the notice you were given when you gave your consent.If we reject your request, you have the right to challenge our decision by using the Your Privacy Choices webform and submitting it within a fair amount of time after we send you our findings.
5. Modifications to This Policy on PrivacyThe company has the right to change this consumer health data privacy policy at any moment. In this Consumer Health Data Privacy Policy or as may otherwise be required by applicable law, we shall post any modifications that we make that materially alter how we gather, use, or disclose consumer health data. To stay updated on our most recent rules and practices, you should frequently review this Consumer Health Data Privacy Policy. The most recent version of our Consumer Health Data Privacy Policy’s effective date will be indicated at the top of this page. You agree to any modifications posted on the Site by continuing to use it after they have been posted.

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