SureSmile is a modern Orthodontic Technology that produces more accurate results.

SureSmile is one of the newest technologies to hit the orthodontic sector, offers the most advanced method for you to get your perfect smile.

With conventional braces, the first step would be getting a mold of your teeth so we can have a starting point and introduce a targeted treatment plan. This mold can sometimes get messy and uncomfortable especially for patients with a bad gag reflex. This is where SureSmile comes in, This robotic technology with its accurate measurements and results gives us the full-proof option for treatment planning and design.

Before we start your orthodontic treatment, Dr. Vasso Ziotis will go over the 3D  images of your teeth and study the tooth movement. With SureSmile, you will be able to see the final result of your new teeth even before the treatment procedures begins. SureSmile aligners are more efficient and pain-free compared to the traditional brace which involves manual adjustments of archwires.

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