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Surgical Treatments

Surgical orthodontics for ultimate aesthetic and functional results

With advanced treatments and technologies used in addition to conventional braces and aligners, our orthodontists can do wonders for dental alignment and appearance with the least invasive procedures. We are proud of getting excellent results while prioritizing our patients’ comfort in many complex cases. But severe malocclusion, crowding, and functionality issues may result from skeletal problems rather than dental problems, making surgical orthodontics treatment the only solution.

When conventional orthodontic treatments don’t work or when jaw abnormalities and dentofacial deformities are found to cause functional and aesthetic problems, surgical orthodontics correction may be recommended by your orthodontist. Though orthodontic surgery involves major surgical procedures that may take several hours and require several weeks of recovery, their risks are low, but the benefits are immense. Surgical Orthodontics treatments aided ensure the stability of dental correction, eliminating complex chewing, speech, or facial asymmetry issues.

Whether you are looking for the best orthodontic surgeons or ‘near me’ clinics, keep in mind that the results of surgical correction depend on the work of a professional dental team and a comprehensive orthodontic treatment plan. Surgical treatments are the most challenging cases orthodontists deal with, but what makes these manageable is a combination of orthodontics and surgery procedures.

‘Surgical orthodontics near me’ is a win-win only when a clinic has a dedicated team of experts who don’t just claim results but can show them. Otherwise, choosing by reputation rather than location is a better choice, even if it means longer travel times.

Meet West Side Orthodontics surgery experts to understand your options better

An efficient surgical treatment plan greatly depends on the pre-operative orthodontic phase and presurgical decompensation methods. This involves constant cooperation and joint planning of an orthodontist and surgeons to restore the proper anatomical proportions and alignment in patients.

You can always expect this teamwork at West Side Orthodontics. Our comprehensive approach and advanced digital technologies allow for successful surgical correction of any dental and skeletal discrepancies and dysfunctions.

Call today so we can start mapping out your orthodontic journey to proper occlusion and function, with the highest level of service, care, and utmost attention along the way to keep you reassured and motivated. Our surgical orthodontists will explain your treatment plan from A to Z, including:

  • Potential complications or risks associated with your condition
  • What needs to be done prior to the surgical procedure
  • What you should expect after the surgery
  • Post-surgical treatment steps

Working as a team, West Side Orthodontics experts ensure lasting results that significantly improve the quality of life of patients with conditions like yours. They come from years of experience treating such cases and achieving optimal surgical orthodontics correction.

Preventing further excessive wear and tear of teeth or a range of periodontal, aesthetic, and digestive issues that may be associated with your condition and likely to progress in severity is the #1 reason to start your treatment today. Putting your smile back in shape is not always easy, but certainly worth it!

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