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One of the fantastic things about Invisalign is that your case has been treatment planned from start to finish even before the first aligner. It is very detailed and truly custom. This allows us a lot of flexibility to meet your needs for planning and tracking your progress. With everything already planned the main goal during your Invisalign treatment is to track the aligner fit.

Once your aligners are delivered one of our team members at West Side Orthodontics is going to schedule your next appointment, but it is not going to be in the chair, it is going to be a virtual check!

YAY!!! I don’t have to take work or get the kids out of school!

At the time of your appointment, you will be sent a text message asking you to take photos. There will be a youtube link on how to take them and will be provided a set of cheek retractors, If you dont have cheek retractors just use your fingers or a set of spoons! That’s the way it looks!

TAKE PHOTOGRAPHS WITH YOUR ALIGNERS. Click on the link and download your photos and any questions you may have.

It’s as straightforward as that! What’s important is that you bite the back teeth right. It helps to bite and smile without the cheek retractors in and then look in a mirror to see how your bite is naturally and then when using the cheek retractors make sure you copy how you were biting.

Please be sure to tell us what aligner you are on and how often you are Wearing them.

You will then receive a response from our reception to schedule your next virtual verification with us at West Side Orthodontics.

Wearing these aligners 24/7. Dr. Ziotis and his team will check your photos. If needed, we will send you a second text or call asking you to come in to do an in person adjustment with the doctor.

Occasionally Dr. Ziotis

will ask staff to send a followup text message to take the same set of photos with your aligners out.

When you finish your set, please plan on a refinement. You’ve probably heard Dr. Ziotis tell you in person, but Invisalign is like a hole of golf, the first set is the drive and gets you 80% of the way to the hole, but then you need a chip and a putt or two to make it all the way. Usually you will need to go through a few series of aligners to make it all the way.

Please know we are always here for you. If you need more rubber bands, give us a call, if something is of concern, shoot us a text! Or if you just want to see Dr. Ziotis’s beautiful face, we will get you in. 🙂

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